San Marcos Like A Local

‘Grammable Guide To Downtown San Marcos

Selfies in scenic spots, foodie photos that make us perpetually hungry, group pics to document the memories, and atmospheric shots to note a simple moment in time – we love seeing your SMTXperiences shared on Instagram. The memories captured in Downtown San Marcos are extra special to us. Downtown…

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21 SMTXperiences To Do In 2021

After the year we’ve just experienced, setting goals for the year ahead brings about a bit of, well, skepticism. The idea of setting goals like “lose weight” or “stop biting nails” after a year of sitting on our couch in stretchy pants that used to be a little looser and biting our (freshly washed…

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San Marcos Sweethearts

This Valentine’s Day share the San Marcos you love, with the ones you love! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day celebrating your friends, family, pet, significant other or yourself, San Marcos has plenty of activities to love. Romantic Rendezvous San Marcos has been named one of the best…

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