Ms. Ollie's Store

404 Centre Street (now Sacred Craft Tattoos)

The original owner was the Landa Family. Ms. Ollie Hamilton (1908 est. - Feb. 22, 1985) was brought to San Marcos from Kyle Texas, when she was 16 years old to work in the store and live with the family.  

Mr. Landa died suddenly, and when Mrs. Lizzie Landa died several years latrer, she willed the store and the house to Ms. Ollie. This is how she obtained both properties. When Ms. Ollie passed away in 1985, the property was willed to her family member Lionel Cheatem, who subsequently sold the property to Chance Sparks, its current owner as of 2024.

Ms. Ollie was a pillar of the African American community in San Marcos and operated the store for over 46 years. She was honored with the distinction of being a recipient of the Lizzie Grant Award in 1984. She attended Kyle Guadalupe College and Prairie View University.

An Oral History of Ms. Ollie's Store