Parking & Getting Around Downtown San Marcos

There is two-hour street parking (Monday-Friday) available around Downtown San Marcos, but a day spent exploring San Marcos is best when you can lose track of time and stay all day – in our opinion. 

You can find paid lots at one of these locations:

  • E. Hutchison St. at N. Guadalupe St. (On the corner) 
  • E. Hutchison St. at Fredericksburg St. (Across the street from First United Methodist Church)
  • Texas State University public parking garage on University Dr. at N. Edward Gary St.
  • CM Allen Parkway at San Antonio St. and Hopkins 
  • CM Allen Parkway and Hutchinson St 

Downtown San Marcos would also like to remind visitors and residents to be mindful when parking. Keep in mind that parking fines can be issued if infractions are made. Learn more about parking fines here.

Bikes and Scooters

Wanting to bike your way around Downtown San Marcos? Bike boxes, designated lanes and bicycle racks are located around Downtown for cyclist safety and convenience. You can find a bike map with more information on biking San Marcos HERE.

Need to tune or air up your bike? Stop by the Downtown Mobility Hub located at 214 E Hutchison St to use the free, public bicycle repair station.

You may notice some orange Spin electric scooters while exploring Downtown San Marcos! All you need to do to ride is to download the Spin app, “Spin – Electric Scooters” in the App Store or the Google Play Store, scan the QR code and unlock your ride! The scooters are $1 to start and are $0.29 per minute during use. Push off with one foot, gently engage the throttle and you’re on your way! Scooters are not allowed to be ridden on sidewalks. When you’re done, simply park the scooter at the bike rack or near the curb when appropriate. End your ride on the app. Take a photo of the parked scooter and lock it up. Please keep scooters orderly for sidewalk and parking area accessibility. Scooters should not be parked against buildings, block exits, doorways or ramps, be left lying on the ground, or parked in the street.

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