Hays County Film Resources

Lost River Film Festival 

Lost River Film Fest, chiefly hosted in the magical, spring-fed river town of San Marcos, spotlights independent cinema every year in the fall. There is an international open call for short films and feature submissions. The festival is a three-day celebration of compelling cinema, live music, poetry performances, and much more. Lost River Film Fest was titled for the fictional town in the campy, San Marcos-shot, 1978 horror film PIRANHA.  

San Marcos Cinema Club

The San Marcos Cinema Club is a laid-back community of cinema-loving locals. Whether you are a creator or appreciator, film folks can find a wealth of resources within the club. 

Texas State University

The Film Production program at Texas State University aims to educate the complete filmmaker, who is a focused, hard-working graduate who has a deep understanding of the entire machinery that goes into the making of a film. That "film" might encompass the entire breadth of formal media production from a short film, documentary, commercial, TV show or web series to a full-length feature film. Regardless of form, the graduate will know how to go about the writing, planning, financing, execution, and distribution of that cultural product. In addition to the Film Production program, Texas State University has a large and very talented student population that serves as a talent and resource base for the area. 

Texas State University Film Club

The Texas State University Film Club is a student organization whose purpose is to welcome Texas State students into the world of filmmaking and film appreciation by expanding film literacy with weekly screenings, educating students through workshops focusing on specific aspects of film, and encouraging a welcoming environment for artists to network and pursue future projects together.