Live This Week


Industry - Let Flo Go (9pm)

THURSDAY - Sept 23

Cheatham St Warehouse - Slade Coulter, Hunter Thomas (9pm)
Riley's Tavern - MC Young (7pm)
Sean Patrick's - Kelany (7pm)
X8 Drums - Jack Henry, Kayleigh Ariana Soukup (8pm)
Zelick's - Keith Sanders and Friends (7pm)

FRIDAY - Sept 24

Cheatham St Warehouse - JJ and the .45s (9pm)
The Davenport - Marco Lozano (9pm)
Happy Cow - The Statesboro Revue (8:30pm)
The Marc - Saymyname, Ace Aura (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe - Kiko & Croy (8pm)
Middleton Brewing - Zach Day (8:30pm)
The Porch - Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (8pm)
Ragnar's on the Compound - This Is It, Hot Fuss, Don't Think Twice (7:30pm)
Red Bus Food Park - Tracy Weinberg & Gretchen McMahon (6pm)
Riley's Tavern - Last Fridays w/ Season Ammons (6pm) Billy Dee Band (8pm)
Studio San Martian - Burlesque and DJs (7:30pm)
Zelick's - Kelany (5:30pm)

SATURDAY - Sept 25

Courthouse Lawn - Mermaid Faire w/ Henry Invisible, Bida Bida Banda, Trouble in the Streets, Oscar Ornelas, La Gitana, Time of Night (10am)
Crafthouse - Sergio Garza (12pm) DJ Bartly (3:30pm) Ben Cearley (7pm)
The Davenport - Mermaid After Party w/ Victorgreen, Majesty, DJ Haze, VX1 (8pm)
Happy Cow - JJ Garrett Band (8:30pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Cedars (9pm)
The Marc - Valentino Khan (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe - James Moritz (8pm)
Middleton Brewing - Gerry Burns' Grateful Saturday (1pm) Dallas Burrow (6pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Maandele Effect (7pm)
Red Bus Food Park - The Skylight Jazz Trio (6pm)
Riley's Tavern - Annual Hawaiian Luau (5pm)
Roughhouse Brewing - Isaak Klause & the Lederhosen Junkies (1pm) Strahan & the Good Neighbors (6pm)
Studio San Martian - Esion, Lummox, Day n Knight, Naughty Woke (10pm)

SUNDAY - Sept 26

Crafthouse - David Selbo (12pm) Aaron Stephens (3:30pm)
Industry - Anders Drerup (1pm)
Martindale River Cafe - Dustin Welch (12pm)
Middleton Brewing - Bluegrass Sunday w/ Gerry Burns (2pm)
Riley's Tavern - Grant Ewing (3pm)
Roughhouse Brewing - LYDA (2pm)

MONDAY - Sept 27

The Davenport - Roberto Aponte (6pm)
Middleton Brewing - Acoustic Open Mic 2.0 (6:30pm)

TUESDAY - Sept 28

Crafthouse - Ian & Friends (7pm)
Studio San Martian - Open Mic (8pm) 
X8 Drums - Open Mic (8pm)
Zelick's - Poolboi Blu (8:30pm)