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Live This Week


Cigar Vault - Open Mic Night (6pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Ace Pepper's Blues Jam (8pm)
The Porch - Elephant Ears (9pm)
Ragnar's On The Compound - Offensive (7pm)
Riley's Tavern - Wednesday Song Series w/ Caleb Allemand hosted by Mike Naumann (7pm)


The Davenport - Salsa Night (7:30pm)
LaniKai Lounge - The Mid-Centurions (8pm)
Riley's Tavern - Manzy Lowry (7pm)
Stellar Coffee Co - Open Mic Night (8pm)
Zelick's - Thursday Song Swap (8pm)

FRIDAY - Oct 7

Cheatham St Warehouse - Foster & Quinn (8:30pm)
Gray Horse Saloon - Burrito Seagull & The Honky Tonk Machine (8pm)
Happy Cow - Cole Barnhill & The Boys (8:30pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - The Eddie Beethoven Band (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe - Tammi Fest w/ Terri Hendrix, Rosie Flores & Kimmie Rhodes (4pm)
Middleton Brewing - John Cavender (6pm)
The Porch - Lynn Crossett (8pm) Time of Night Brass Band (10pm)
Red Bus Food Park - Dan Whitaker Duo (6pm)
Riley's Tavern - The Prairie Rattlers (8pm)
Sean Patrick's - Frights And Sounds Music Festival 2022 (2pm)
Solid Gold - Barron, Magnus Timbre, Vance Loggins, Jake Adams, Maddie Ava, Marshall Anderson (1pm)


Cheatham St Warehouse - Riley Thompson (8pm)
Happy Cow - Ian Tonroy & The Twice Shy (8:30pm)
LaniKai Lounge - DJ Wes Texas (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe - Tammi Fest w/ La Gitana, hONEyhoUSe, Henry Invisible (4pm)
Middleton Brewing - Jon Parmentier (2pm)
Patio Dolcetto - James Cameron (7pm)
The Porch - Chief and The Doomsday Device (1pm) Bidi Bidi Banda (8pm)
Red Bus Food Park - Jordan Hasto & The Lost Souvenirs (6pm)
Riley's Tavern - Beth Lee & The Breakups (8pm)
Roughhouse Brewing - Pivo & Polka (12pm) Racoon Brothers (4pm) Curtis Roush (7pm) 
Sean Patrick's - Frights And Sounds Music Festival 2022 (2pm)

SUNDAY - Oct 9

Martindale River Cafe - Billy Dee (12pm)
Middleton Brewing - Craig Marshall (3pm)
The Porch - O'Malarkey Irish Celtic Band (3pm) Open Mic w/ Vance Loggins (8pm)
Riley's Tavern - Pickers Circle W/ Bo Porter (4pm) Corb Lund w/ Lauren Morrow (9pm)

MONDAY - Oct 10

The Davenport - Steak Night with Live Jazz by Roberto Aponte (7pm)
Middleton Brewing - Acoustic Singer-Songwriter Open Mic 2.0 (6pm)

TUESDAY - Oct 11

Aquabrew - Blackbird Anthem (8pm)
Cheatham St Warehouse - Railroad Remedy (8:30pm)
Crafthouse - Ian & Friends (7pm)
The Davenport - Singers & Songwriters Night (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe - Open Mic Night w/ Sterling Finlay (7pm)
Studio San Martian - The Martian Talent Show (8pm)