Two Great Texas Eclipses - San Marcos, Texas

There are two fantastic eclipses coming through Texas over the next year, and you won't want to miss them! An Annular Solar Eclipse will be cutting across the state from Midland to Corpus Christi on October 14, 2023. A Total Solar Eclipse (this is the big one) will go from Uvalde to Texarkana on April 8, 2024. While just outside of totality, San Marcos is a great home base for your eclipse-viewing adventures. 

2024 Total Solar Eclipse

What To Expect

Traffic Updates 

While eclipse chasers would love to take the road less traveled, that's not going to be the case getting around the Texas Hill Country. I-35 is the main highway between San Antonio and Austin (and beyond), with lots of opportunities for restroom breaks and gas stations. Ranch Road 12, which links San Marcos to Wimberley, is a much more scenic route, with very few places to refuel and relieve. We recommend you make sure you keep your bladder empty and your gas tank full. It's also a good idea to keep chargers, food, water, and any other supplies you'd need in a pinch in your car as the eclipse might not last long, but your drive might. 

Stick To Public Access

While Texans are a friendly bunch, we would really appreciate it if you'd stick to public property for your eclipse adventure. Please respect no-trespassing signs, fences, and other markers of private property. 

How To Get To Totality 

While San Marcos is partially in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse in 2024, you can experience the full force just a little ways away! FredericksburgKerrvilleCanyon Lake, Bulverde, and Boerne are prime viewing spots for the eclipse. 

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Eclipse Events

Eclipse Safety

NASA knows best when it comes to safely experiencing the eclipse and we highly recommend following their visual safety guidelines

  • Never look directly at the sun no matter how much it is covered from view. Please, please don't stare at the sun. 
  • Wear your safety eyewear or handheld viewer during all stages of the eclipse. 
  • Don't listen to Corey Hart, sunglasses are not an alternative to safety eyewear for safe eclipse viewing. 
  • You'll need a different kind of filter for viewing through binoculars, camera lenses, or telescopes so be prepared. 

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