Submit Your Event

Are you hosting an event in San Marcos? Fantastic! We love suggesting fun events to San Marcos visitors. Before submitting your event, make sure you check out our guidelines and tips listed below. And, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Steve at

What type of event is it? 
Visit San Marcos is funded through hotel occupancy taxes, therefore everything we do is geared toward bringing visitors to San Marcos. So, before you submit, ask yourself if this is an event you yourself would travel for. 

Events not likely to be approved: 
Fundraisers and charity functions
Dining specials
Happy hours
Seminars, lectures and workshops
Networking events
Consumer expos
Business openings
Religious related events
Limited capacity events
Events not open to the public 
Events not happening in San Marcos 
All event listings are published at the discretion of Visit San Marcos. Events must go through an approval process, which may take a few days, before being listed on our calendar of events.
Please include:
A full description of the event – what can visitors expect?
A high-resolution image in landscape orientation, preferably of the event itself
Contact information and a website 
Please don’t include:
Posters or flyers with lots of text and logos
Copy in ALL CAPS or in Title Case