The infusion of cultures and lifestyles in San Marcos brings a surprising range of flavors to the table. Soak up some local art while sipping your perfectly blended cup of joe. Grab an extreme burger before hitting the river. Enjoy a freshly crafted dinner at a local restaurant then stroll the Downtown Square to catch live music or an adult beverage from a rooftop view. From home-cooked treats and comfort food to international cuisine, and lunch on the go, you’ll find just what your belly is looking for. 

Arts & Culture

No matter where you go, there it is - art, culture and history are entwined in the spirit of San Marcos. Whether sipping a cup of joe at a coffee shop or catching a bite to eat downtown…

Carryout & Delivery

Want to enjoy the flavors of San Marcos on the go, in your room or outside at a park? Many of San Marcos’ eateries are happy to offer carryout and to-go options!