Shopping local in San Marcos is always an adventure. Shop stylish boutiques with the latest trends and always-in-style classics. Explore the quirky vintage shops where you can discover some real treasures from the past like vintage graphic tees or old school cowboy boots. Peruse eclectic artisanal stores and galleries with one-of-a-kind San Marcos-made wares like ceramics, hand-blown glass, textiles, jewelry and more. No matter what kind of shopping strikes your fancy, you're sure to find and take home something you can’t find anywhere else.


Shop Big! Did you know the San Marcos Outlets make up 1.2 MILLION square feet of pure shopping paradise? Takes “shop till you drop” to a whole new level.

Farmers Market

San Marcos Farmer's Market provides an outlet for Central Texas farmers to market their crops and a source of fresh, homegrown and homemade products for the local consumer.