This summer you can gaze at 50+ amazing art kites flying indoors at three San Marcos locations. Majestic kites swoop through the lobby of the San Marcos Activity Center. Long kite tails spiral in the foyer of the Meadows Center. Colorful kites float high above from the vaulted ceilings of the San Marcos Public Library.

The Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition features the work of 30+ national and local artists that were fabricated into flyable kites to raise awareness of threatened Texas springs and the vital connection of water to life. It is a public art project by Art4Water, brought to the city by the San Marcos Arts Commission in partnership with The Watershed Association and Terry Zee Lee, curator of the exhibit.

The collection features four new kites for a total of seven created by San Marcos artists: Michelle Esguerra Wilson, Lisa McPike Smith, Dayann Pazmino, Darin Wood, Rene Perez, Veronica Mestre and Topher Sipes.

This awe inspiring exhibit can be enjoyed May - September 2023 at these three locations: 

  • San Marcos Public Library: 625 E Hopkins Street
  • San Marcos Activity Center: 501 E Hopkins Street
  • The Meadows Center for Water & the Environment: 211 San Marcos Springs Drive

You can learn more about the exhibit and the artist at Art4Water.