Meeting For Good In San Marcos, Texas

Donating school supplies or canned goods, planting trees, cleaning up natural areas and utilizing hotel green practices - there are countless opportunities to make a difference while meeting in San Marcos, Texas. Maybe you're looking for a group excursion opportunity where your guests can get their hands dirty and come together off-site. Perhaps you're interested in staying at your convention center or hotel to save time or maybe you'd like to leave your own mark on San Marcos by donating or supporting a local organization as a group. Visit San Marcos is here to help make the most of your meeting for planners, attendees, the community and the environment as well!

Get Your Hands Dirty

Corporate social responsibility activities can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. We know that each organization has its own goals and values, and our team can help match you with the best activity for you. Take to the trails and organize a trash pickup while being immersed in beautiful, natural San Marcos. Or make a splash by picking up at the San Marcos River. You won't be able to resist taking a dip while also beautifying San Marcos' most stunning feature. Tree planting, park cleaning and building restoration are just a few of the ways you can get your hands dirty and have fun beautifying your temporary home away from home. While we do these activities to better the planet and the community, they also make for excellent photo opportunities! 

Rio Vista Park

  • 555 Cheatham St.
  • (512) 393-8400

Rio Vista Park is a great place to put your kayak in and paddle upstream or just swim in…

Purgatory Creek Natural Area

  • 2102 Hunter Road
  • (512) 393-8400

If you’re looking for an easy hike or a scenic picnic spot close to town, the Purgatory…

Spring Lake Natural Area

  • 397 San Marcos Springs Dr
  • (512) 393-8400

The area around San Marcos is thought to be one of the longest continuously occupied areas…

Veramendi Plaza

  • 400 E Hopkins St
  • (512) 393-8400

One of the most scenic, historic and popular parks in San Marcos, Juan Veramendi Plaza is…

Donate To A Cause

Perhaps your group is better off staying at the conference center or meeting space? Consider collecting items for a worthy cause! Supplies for disaster relief, canned goods for local food shelters, school supplies for community schools, pet products for the animal shelter - the sky really is the limit for finding a cause that resonates with your attendees. 

Traveling with supplies can be a bit tedious for those coming long distances. A group donation might be a better fit for your group. We know budgets are tight, especially after the tourism and meeting industry took such a hard hit, but something very neat that we've seen work well is an organization taking a portion of their registration fee and allowing the attendees to vote at the end of the conference for where they'd like the money to go to. This allowed the attendees to actively participate in the decision and feel extra connected to the cause of their choosing. 

Go Green

Switch to digital to cut down on paper products. Give attendees reusable water bottles to cut down on single-use plastic. Take advantage of greener hotel offerings like reusing towels or skipping the mini products in the bathroom. There are lots of ways to make your event or meeting more environmentally friendly in a way that works for you! 

Coming together as a group to bring about a positive impact in your host community is also an excellent icebreaker for attendees. There's nothing like a cause to rally behind to make new friends. Your event attendees might not remember all of the details of every presentation they saw or the names of everyone they met, but they will always remember the way they felt when given the opportunity to give back. Let's work together to make your next event in San Marcos a heart-warming and memorable one.