We know how difficult it can be to insert some educational time into our kids’ days while they’re not in a classroom. So, we decided to open the School of San Marcos! Science, art, history – there’s plenty of ways to learn, connect and be entertained! (You’re on your own with math though…)



The Meadows Center

The Meadows Center has a wonderful on-going series featuring some of the critters that live in the area! They also have some great ideas on how to bring nature into your home.


Wonder World Park

Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park virtually brings you to the depths of the cave to learn about dry formed caves, how the cave was made, what makes the cave unique and about one of the cave’s residents.


San Marcos River

Part history, part science, the San Marcos River is a fun and educational part of San Marcos. The Texas State Historical Association has an interesting piece on the history of the river. The Meadows Center has a great page all about the endangered species that live in the San Marcos area.



San Marcos History

Did you know San Marcos is considered the longest continuously inhabited site in North America? With a fascinating history that starts around 14,000 years ago according to archeological finds, San Marcos has an incredibly rich background. From Paleo-Indian through Historic, San Marcos Springs has been inhabited during every known period of human habitation in Central Texas. Some of the artifacts recovered from Spring Lake, mammoth tusks, arrow heads and more, exhibit just how long San Marcos has been inhabited.

You can read all about San Marcos’ unique history here: http://www.toursanmarcos.com/visitor-information/history.html


LBJ Museum of San Marcos

Did you know President Lyndon B. Johnson was a former San Marcos resident and student at Texas State University (Southwest Texas State Teachers College)? San Marcos’ LBJ Museum has some online exhibits for you to explore and learn more about the larger-than-life President. http://lbjmuseum.com/online-exhibit/


That’s All Brother at the CAF

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Central Texas Wing has quite the historic fleet housed in their wooden WWII hangar, but perhaps the crown jewel of the fleet is That's All, Brother, which led the Allied invasion on D-Day in Normandy 74 years ago has made its home in San Marcos. You can learn more about the historic warbird here: http://www.toursanmarcos.com/like-a-local/2019/thats-all-brother.html


Chief Placido

The Tonkawa Tribe lived in what is now known as San Marcos prior to the settlers of the 1840's. Led by Chief Placido, they served as allies and scouts, fighting alongside the "Texians." You can learn more about Chief Placido here: https://www.tsl.texas.gov/exhibits/indian/intro/placido-tonkawa.html


Jack Hays

Captain John Coffee "Jack" Hays was a legendary Texas Ranger and one of the best known and respected Texans of his day. Hays County, organized in 1848, was named after him. You can read more about Jack Hays here: https://www.texasranger.org/texas-ranger-museum/hall-of-fame/john-coffee-jack-hays/

There is also a documentary on Jack Hays and the Texas Rangers here:
Texas Rangers – The Old West



Mermaid March

Take a family field trip to see all 10 of the statues on the Mermaid March! Or you can see them virtually here: https://bit.ly/MermaidMap


Virtual Art Tour

From mini murals hidden in plain sight to gigantic artworks that take up the whole side of a building, we are bringing them all to you! https://bit.ly/SMTXArtTour 


Color the Courthouse

Missing your strolls around the Square? Color away the blues with this page from local artist Gav Sears’ coloring book. Download here: bit.ly/GavArt


Wimberley Glassworks

We are always mesmerized by the glass blowing demonstrations at Wimberley Glassworks and they have some amazing videos of the process on their Facebook page for you to watch at home! https://www.facebook.com/wimberleyglassworks/videos/


The Walkers Gallery

Take a virtual tour of the 22nd Annual ArtWorks in the Community Exhibit. The work showcased are pieces by Texas State University faculty, students, alumni and staff. https://walkersgallery.org/exhibits/22nd-annual-artworks-in-the-community-exhibit