Travel doesn’t have to be stressful or action-packed. You don’t have to have a plan and a to-do list to enjoy a destination. In fact, we are seeing more and more of an emphasis on leisurely, wellness-focused weekends and we are here for it! San Marcos is a great place to unwind and indulge in some self-care. Whether you feel your best after a massage or an outdoor experience, with some retail therapy or a yoga class, we have some ideas for the best weekend for YOU in San Marcos.  

Immerse Yourself In Nature

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, rolling walk through pristine natural areas or a more challenging hike on rugged terrain, San Marcos has trails for all fitness levels. Pack your comfy walking shoes, bring along your phone and water, and get ready for fresh air, vitamin D and a refreshing adventure in natural San Marcos.

Just Add Water

There’s something naturally soothing about water, and the slow and chilly San Marcos River is certainly no exception. Sit by the edge and enjoy the beauty and nature around you, dip a paddle in a kayak, canoe or SUP board for a more immersive river adventure, or, if the weather is right, jump on in! The headwaters of the San Marcos River was thought to be the fountain of youth and you can see why after a little time spent re-energizing in the clear waters. *Don't forget to take what you bring so others can also enjoy beautiful, natural San Marcos.

Yoga instructor leading class

Stretch or Sweat It Out

Get your endorphins flowing from an invigorating gym sesh, get your namaste on with a grounding yoga class, or, get high in the air by bouldering. No matter which fitness and wellness route you decide to take, we guarantee you’ll be feeling energized and revitalized.  


Looking for something healthy and nourishing to refuel your body? Or, maybe you want some comfort food to nourish your soul? Perhaps, like us, nothing sounds better than a crazy good burger and a beer... On a self-care weekend let your tastebuds be your guide! 

Women Shopping

Retail Therapy

Workouts aren’t the only way to get the endorphins flowing… We know we get a little pep in our step when we get ourselves something we know we will really enjoy in the future. Splurging on a designer piece or finding a really good deal on a staple item, go ahead and get yourself something just for yourself!

Woman getting facial at spa

Treat Yourself

You really can’t beat the relaxation and fresh vacation glow you get from a nice pampering. San Marcos has several options for massages, spas and salons. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it!