Is the hot Texas sun making you want to take a dip in the 72-degree San Marcos River? From water levels and park rules to picking just the right spot, here's what to know before you go! 

Central Texas rivers are running lower than usual, and the San Marcos River is no exception. While tubing, swimming, and other water recreation is still functioning, there are some things to keep in mind while planning your river adventure. And, when in doubt, call the adventure business you plan on using ahead of time to learn more about river conditions. 


Lower River Levels

Be mindful that the San Marcos River of past years may look and act a little differently. Currents may be stronger, deep spots may be shallower, rocks may be more prominent, and Rio Vista Falls may be a bit more challenging. With water levels lower, more areas are accessible to little adventurers or people who want to wade in the shallows. However, please be aware of the growing plant life in the area as the San Marcos River is home to the endangered Texas Wild Rice. This precious resource is vital to keeping our local ecosystem vibrant and thriving. Also, try to leave the river rocks alone as much as possible as stacking stones disturbs local wildlife. 


Take What You Bring

While it's always important to take what you bring and dispose of your trash responsibly, it's even more important now with our beautiful natural resources needing extra love and care. We thank you for being good stewards and showing respect for San Marcos' most beautiful feature. 



Hoping to get some time paddling on the San Marcos River? We recommend going early in the mornings as the river becomes more difficult to navigate safely when the leisurely tubes enter the picture. Plus, going before the crowds arrive allows for a more relaxing and peaceful experience you'll love! 

More Helpful Tips

  • San Marcos is full of natural beauty and we really want to keep it that way - take what you bring and dispose of trash properly
  • Remember, it's a real river! We recommend life vests for inexperienced swimmers and children
  • S-U-N-S-C-R-E-E-N, seriously
  • Stay hydrated! Bring plenty of water as fun in the sun can be quite dehydrating
  • Leave glass and styrofoam at home
  • Wear shoes that are strapped firmly to your feet - ditch the cute shoes, you'll thank us
  • Have a plan just in case you got lost from your group in the water
  • Don't bring anything to the river that you don't mind losing
  • Stick to public access points
  • The San Marcos River does not go in a circle... 
  • San Marcos parks close at 11pm 


San Marcos River Adventures