There are few things that fuel our San Marcos-loving souls more than seeing visitors and locals sharing their #SMTXperience on social media. Snapping a photo of your coffee? Love it! A story of the San Marcos River? Yes, please! We love following along on your adventures (feel free to tag us, too at @visitsmtx) and we are often asked for a good scenic view or two to document a good time. Well, without further ado, we give you the ‘grammable guide to SMTX. (But for real, use #SMTXperience and tag us...)


Murals & Mermaids

From murals that take up the whole side of a building to teeny tiny pieces hiding in plain sight (and even a few mermaids if you know where to look...) - you never know what you’ll find exploring San Marcos. New art seems to pop up in the most unexpected places. Next time you stroll around the square we suggest taking a shortcut to look in alleyways and behind buildings to find your new favorite piece. 

Purgatory Creek

Take to the trails for some of the best views of natural San Marcos. Purgatory Creek Natural Area is one of San Marcos' most photographed areas and it's easy to see why! the Overlook, Grandma's Oak and Dam are just a few of the photogenic spots you can find at Purgatory Creek

San Marcos River

And of course, who could ever resist sharing their river adventures to the 'gram? Not us, that's for sure! Whether you're safely snapping from dry land, or very carefully* (key word is carefully, the fish don't want your phone) getting the perfect shot from the water - the crystal-clear waters always make for a picturesque background.

Downtown San Marcos

Downtown really is the heart of San Marcos and there's no better way to get the real feel of San Marcos than by simply walking around the square. Colorful boutiques, charming coffee shops and cafes, murals and artwork hidden around every corner and so much more - there's always something fun to discover Downtown. 

Food & Drinks

There is absolutely no shame in our food-snapping game. Don't listen to your friends, we want to see photos of your lunch. We really do! Those well-plated tacos and colorful cocktail creations are begging for their close up. 

San Marcos Outlet Shopping Center

The San Marcos Outlet Shopping Center (which is made up of Tanger Outlets and San Marcos Premium Outlets) is the largest in the whole country. People from all over the world have visited the biggest and best, we aren't afraid to say it, outlet center and documented it on the 'gram. Show off your exciting finds or strike a pose in your fresh outfit and we will hype you up for it!

The Meadows Center

The Meadows Center is located on Spring Lake, which is the headwaters of the San Marcos River. What makes Spring Lake so cool is that it's also crystal-clear and you can see straight down to the bottom. Take a Glass-Bottom Boat Tour to for the best views of the water, stroll the Wetlands Boardwalk for great wildlife shots, or just walk around the grounds for cool details of the area. 

Share your 'grammable SMTX moments with us!