Shopping in Downtown San Marcos is always an adventure! The various shops include boutiques that have the latest trends, second-hand and vintage stores that carefully curate their stock, and many unique and colorful markets. Of course, you can’t miss out on shopping for specific niches offering oddities, unique knickknacks and more. We know you’re going to have a great time discovering all the treasures that Downtown San Marcos holds.

Shop Trendy SMTX Boutiques

You never know what new and trendy apparel you’ll find shopping at San Marcos’ boutiques around downtown. From eye-catching accessories to fashionable clothes, our downtown boutiques stay up to date with the latest trends and always-in-style classics. Looking for Bobcat attire to represent Texas State University? Downtown San Marcos has you covered! Many of the boutiques are licensed merchandise stores selling Texas State items with their own flare.


Local Boutiques

San Marcos' Best Markets

There's always something going on in Downtown San Marcos, and it's here you'll find some of the coolest markets in Central Texas. The downtown markets consist of arts, vintage, farmers, and even mystical! Check out what our local artisans are creating, taste the flavors locally grown here in San Marcos through our regional vendors, and find a hidden treasure you didn’t know you needed!

Downtown Markets

Niche-Specific Shops

Pursue the oddities of downtown and see what other mesmerizing gizmos and gadgets we have to offer! Where we all have similar interests, at the end of the day we are all quirky in our own way. In the town of San Marcos, those quirks are embraced and there is a little something for everyone – you’re sure to find something you can’t find anywhere else.

For example… Explore the whimsy of Got Toys, where there are fun and entertaining finds for all ages. Check out the mystical shops selling herbs, oils, crystals, and other apothecary items. Discover a new favorite handcrafted soap or nourishing body product from local soap makers. And, of course, book lovers will love the tiny but mighty Green Heron Books.


Quirky shops 

Downtown Thrift & Vintage Shops

Explore Downtown San Marcos’ quirky vintage shops where you can discover real treasures from different eras and fashion-niches. While shopping for preowned clothing and goods is great for the environment, it is also very “in” right now. Buying used allows you to resuscitate your wardrobe in a way you can tailor to your own personal style. You truly never know what unique pieces you’ll find thrifting!


Thrift & Vintage Stores

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