From wanting to be more environmentally conscious to keeping up with the fashion trends (we see you TikTok aesthetics) vintage and thrift shopping has become more popular than ever! Downtown San Marcos has several great options to choose from to discover some fabulous new-to-you items.


Shopping at vintage and thrift stores is a very green way to spice up your wardrobe and home. Not only does the purchase limit the resources need in order to produce new items, it also reduces waste. Instead of something wasting away in a landfill, it’s bringing joy in a new closet, and reduces your carbon footprint. Shopping resale is also a really great way to find name brand or high-quality treasures for less than retail price, so your wallet will thank you also.


While shopping for pre-owned clothing and home goods is great for the environment, it’s also very “in” right now for other reasons. Buying used allows you to really get creative with your new items. From upcycling and tailoring, to mixing things you might not have been inspired to in a conventional store setting, you can really harness your own personal style. You truly never know what unique things you’ll find thrift shopping!


Walking inside Vagabond for the first time is a sensory explosion. You don’t really know which rack to dig into first. Western wear, sports apparel, and pretty much everything in between, a trip to Vagabond is a must in Downtown San Marcos.


Old Soul Exchange

Featuring a treasure trove of vintage fashion, hand-crafted curio, and retro home décor – Old Soul Exchange is on a mission to keep San Marcos groovy. 


Twice Blessed

Jewelry, art, seasonal décor and a ton of furniture – this treasure trove of reasonably priced finds is always an adventure. Make sure you have plenty of room in your car for the goodies you’ll want to take home with you.


Shop 1893

Shop 1893 (located inside the Price Center) is a collector’s dream! Find embroidered linens, furniture, vintage maps, quirky ceramics, and more.


KnD’s Resale & More

KnD’s is a great place to find upcycled goods. Tee shirts turned into Texas State game day tops and more, the selection at KnDs is always colorful and changing.