Selfies in scenic spots, foodie photos that make us perpetually hungry, group pics to document the memories, and atmospheric shots to note a simple moment in time – we love seeing your SMTXperiences shared on Instagram. The memories captured in Downtown San Marcos are extra special to us. Downtown really is the heart of San Marcos and there's no better way to get the real feel of San Marcos than by simply walking around the square. Colorful boutiques, charming coffee shops and cafes, murals and artwork hidden around every corner and so much more - there's always something fun to discover in Downtown San Marcos. To inspire your “wish you were here” IG posts, here are a few ideas…

Kissing Alley

Ah Kissing Alley, one of the most romantic spots in town and definitely the most photogenic one. With eclectic murals both large and small, twinkly lights strung overhead and, of course, scenic views of the Hays County Courthouse – Kissing Alley is a favorite for photos.

Food & Drinks

There is absolutely no shame in our food-snapping game. Don't listen to your friends, we want to see photos of your lunch. We really do! Those well-plated tacos and colorful cocktail creations are begging for their close-up. 

Murals & Mermaids

From murals that take up the whole side of a building to teeny tiny pieces hiding in plain sight (and even a few mermaids if you know where to look...) - you never know what you’ll find exploring San Marcos. New art seems to pop up in the most unexpected places. Next time you stroll around the square we suggest taking a shortcut to look in alleyways and behind buildings to find your new favorite piece. 

Live Music

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down in San Marcos. In fact, we would say, you are only getting started! There’s always something going on in San Marcos and you can bet you’ll find live music every night of the week. Legendary career-launching stages. Small hole-in-the-wall bars. Big two-story concert theater. Quaint coffee shops with local vibes. You're going to want to document your live music SMTXperience. 

Imagine Alley

Imagine Alley (151 S LBJ) is a colorful and ever-changing collection of murals by local artists. You'll want to check out the cool art in the alley and then make your way behind the buildings for an unexpected art-filled wonderland - perfect for colorful backdrops or the focus of your next IG photo.