Welcome to San Marcos, Texas Downtown!

We are so excited to host the Texas Downtown Conference in San Marcos from November 1 – 4, 2022! While you're here learning and networking we would love to show you what we love about San Marcos. From our colorful art scene, delicious restaurants, crystal-clear river, gorgeous natural areas, vibrant Downtown, and so much more - you're in for a great SMTXperience. 

Explore Downtown


The infusion of cultures and lifestyles in San Marcos bring a surprising range of flavors to the table.

Things To Do

Welcome to Downtown San Marcos. Where you can enjoy a leisurely brunch, dine at charming bistros or get some outrageous burgers. Shop at stylish boutiques, retro vintage stores or quirky shops, either…

Arts & Culture

The sights and colors of Downtown San Marcos are one of the most unique parts of the city! From mini murals hidden in plain sight to gigantic artworks that take up the whole side of a building, and of…

Parking & Getting Around

There is two-hour street parking (Monday-Friday) available around Downtown San Marcos, but a day spent exploring San Marcos is best when you can lose track of time and stay all day – in our…

Fun Facts About San Marcos

  • Did you know San Marcos is the Mermaid Capital of Texas? That may seem a little strange for a city in Central Texas, but the mermaid has a fun history in these parts. Aquarena Springs was an amusement park from the 1950s - 1990s. Visitors could be submerged in Spring Lake in the submarine theater to watch the "Aquamaids" perform underwater. Aquarena Springs may no longer exist, but you can still take Glass-Bottom Boat Tours on Spring Lake and spot all 10 Mermaid March statues around town!
  • Of course, it's hard to talk about San Marcos without mentioning the San Marcos River. The river runs through the middle of town (after forming at Spring Lake). The water is crystal-clear and stays 72 degrees year-round! This makes it the perfect spot to relax, kayak, dip your feet, or even go for a pretty chilly swim during the more moderate fall weather. Cold plunge, anyone? 
  • Shop big, and we mean BIG, in San Marcos! Home to the largest outlet shopping center in the country, you're going to want to come with plenty of room in your suitcase. 
  • With more than 850 acres of natural parkland, San Marcos is a great place to become one with nature. From leisurely strolls on ADA-accessible trails to more challenging hikes on rugged terrain, San Marcos has trails for outdoor adventurers of all fitness levels. Explore scenic parks that make you feel like you are miles from civilization but are really still in the heart of town.
  • While you're out exploring Downtown San Marcos make sure you peek in alleyways, behind buildings, and in other unsuspecting areas. From mini murals to murals that take up the full sides of buildings, you never know what colorful surprise you'll find! Check out our art map for a full map of murals, sculptures, and more. 

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