Welcome To San Marcos, Bobcat Fams!

Whether you are here for Homecoming, Family Weekend, or of any other event - we're glad you're here! We love to see parents, siblings, and other relatives learning more about their Bobcat's home away from home. San Marcos is a great place to learn, live and explore. From our colorful art scene, delicious restaurants, crystal-clear river, gorgeous natural areas, vibrant Downtown, and so much more - you're in for a great SMTXperience. 

Don't Miss the Annular Solar Eclipse!

Did you know that San Marcos is in the path of the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023? The eclipse will pass through San Marcos at 11:54 AM for just a few minutes, so don't miss it! Ask a participating business about a pair of FREE eclipse safety glasses. 

Explore Downtown

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